Our Mission is to help the poor families and children in Jerusalem and provide them with food and clothing.

Our charity work focuses on the poor families in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, regardless of religious affiliation or observance. The most likely reason why the families are in difficult socioeconomic situation is because they are raising a family as a single parent, or one of the spouses is sick and therefore earning double-income is impossible, or are working in an extreme low-paid job. Noam Eliezer Charity screens their beneficiary by visiting the family that would receive benefit, by doing background check, or through community recommendation. In many cases we are referred to families and children suffering poverty through a list given by 15 schools that we work with. Our work and the families that we are helping are relying on the generosity of everybody who cares about the poor and who love Israel. Most of our expenses are funded by small donors, with only a few large donations from individuals or organizations. Please consider to donate. Every small amount matters!