Blessings and love from Jerusalem. Today the whole world is closed. Almost the entire world is confined in their homes. No one can afford to go outside for the sake of their health. The world is in one same boat - the corona boat. Billions of people are suffering financially. Thousands of people die every day. Hundreds of thousands are sick. Millions lost their jobs. For the first time in history, synagogues and churches closed down voluntarily. No one knows when and how this global problem will end. Some of us have no confidence in the leaders to find our way out of this awful situation. We have only one choice: to life our eyes to God and pray with a clean pure heart for His forgiveness, His love, His kindness and mercy in the hopes that He will soon save us from this disaster. Only God can redeem us from our suffering. This time, more than ever, Noam Eliezer is here to help the sick and the poor. This time we have a much more onerous task than ever. A large number of people have been let go from work. Every moment, I receive more and more requests for help from people who previously have never dared to ask. For each and every hand that gives, I pray to God that He bless them with good health, happy and long life. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you in all the blessings said in the Torah and the Prophets. 

Rabbi Yitschak Naki